What Can Happen in 6 Weeks?

A lot. And my friend proved that. 🙂 I designed an individual nutrition plan for his needs and goal. His goal was to lose body fat and increase muscle mass. And the results…are amazing. In a short period of 6-weeks, he lost 4.3kg of body fat and his body fat percentage decreased from 20.5% to…

Two Weeks of a Diet


I lost 1 kg

But I am still convincing my ABS to not to be so shy 😉

I Am Going On a Diet

Okay…I went to the George Street Social Pub (which I was talking about in a previous post) to study but…there’s always a but… I had the inspiration to write a blog because there’s something I want to try and I want to share it with you. And that is…I want to lose weight. And I…