About me

My name is Ajda (pronounced as Ayda). I am from Slovenia, but currently, I live in a beautiful Oxford in England, where I am doing my Master degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

I cannot imagine life without family, good friends, my animals, sport and of course good food.

I am passionate about the sport and healthy food. However, it was not always like that. As a little girl, I didn’t really enjoy in a sport so much. Nonetheless, I trained rhythmic gymnastics half of my primary school and trained horseback riding for almost all my life. While I was training show jumping I got annoyed of people telling me that horse riding is not a sport. Due to my stubbornness to show them wrong I started to train in the gym.

After a while, I saw many positive effects on my body. I got stronger, my stamina was better, my concentration was better and definitely, my figure was waaay better. I felt more comfortable.

Due to the good results, I continued to pay more attention to the physical preparation. Sport and healthy food became my passion and I decided to apply to a Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana (Capital of Slovenia…truly my favourite place). I graduated in the year of 2016 and in the same year I got accepted to the MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition course at Oxford Brookes university in England.

With this blog, I would like to share my passion for a sport and healthy food with you. I would like to give you some tips, how to start to train and how to motivate yourself. I would like to help you with my experiences any professional knowledge I gain during my studies on Faculty of Sport and Sport and Exercise Nutrition on Oxford Brookes University.

Have a great day and lots of love!