Ditching the Perfectionism and Continue Blogging. Under new Name!

Hi again! It’s me Ajda. Or, It’s me Buckwheat because Ajda in Slovenian actually mean Buckwheat.

It’s been a while since I posted a blog post.

I do have a good excuse and also a bad excuse for that.

The good one is a research project for my dissertation which took me quite a lot of time and energy. If you haven’t heard yet, I recently finished a course of MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University. Therefore I am officially a nutritionist. I do have to say that I am very happy about it, as being a nutritionist was my longing dream. 🙂

But to be fair, that was already more than a month ago.

So, here comes the bad excuse. I was waiting for the “perfect moment” to start blogging again. I had this huge ambition of completely renovating the website and starting completely new, with fancy new pictures, perfect strategy and perfect plan… Well, it is a good idea and I haven’t given up on it. But the perfect moment hasn’t arrived plus a bigger strategy takes some time or at least a calmer piece of mind… which I absolutely don’t have ATM cuz’ I got into the real life which is by surprise much more dynamic than I thought (ups).

Well, the consequence of waiting for the perfect moment is my sleepy blog and my unrealized and unspoken ideas. So, I said to myself that I can wait for the “perfect – I don’t know what” for some more time, while my blog is sleeping or just continue writing the content with some minor corrections from time to time. Afterall, I choose the second.

Therefore, I am ditching the idea of the perfect moment, changing the name and start blogging again.

So, here we go. Check it out, you can even subscribe (below this post in the grey area) and you’ll be immediately updated about the new posts. 😉 Otherwise follow me on Instagram where I am going to let you know about new posts. 🙂

Have a lovely day! ❤


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